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Kindle DX Review – 5 Features Effects

January 17, 2010

kindle dx

Large, Readable eInk Screen – The 9.7? Kindle DX Screen is great for reading textbooks. A customer kindle dx review statesthe screen is also sharper and crisper than my Kindle 2 in a side-by-side comparison: the text is darker, and the contrast is much better, making for better visibility overall.PDF Support – Kindle DX has official Adobe PDF support. PDFs look great and have page numbers. Free Wireless Internet – Free Internet Access and Free Wikipedia so you can use it for reference. Do note that the browser has limited functionality. Cheap Textbooks Delivered Wirelessly in 60 seconds – There’ll be good prices (Amazon Kindle Editions of books usually are $9.99 instead of $24.99). Amazon is claiming 60% of textbooks will be covered initially. Convenience – Carry 3,500 books and textbooks. Buy books and textbooks instantly, anytime. Change Font Sizes, number of words per line, and spacing between lines. Kindle DX Review – Pros

 Top Kindle DX ProsPDF Support – Official Adobe PDF support, reviewers note that PDF documents look great. Also, searching a PDF highlights the found terms. Plus page numbers for PDFs. Cheaper Textbooks. Cheap Books ($9.99 for new releases and bestsellers). Kindle for iPhone and WhisperSync – You can read a document or textbook across your Kindle DX, iPhone and iTouch. Your annotations, bookmarks and the page you’re on are synchronized wirelessly. Large Screen – The 9.7″ screen is a great size. eInk Screen – Close to zero eye strain. Much, much closer to reading a book than a computer screen. Auto-rotate – looks to be a good, solid feature. Read To Me – Provided publishers don’t turn it off for their books, books can be read out to you by the Kindle DX while you drive, cook, etc. You can change the font size, the number of words per line and the spacing between lines. Really big largest Font Size making it great for low vision people.At the largest font size, a capital letter is 3/16″ tall (just under 1/4″). Full character height–from the bottom of a “g” to the top of a “d”–is 1/4″.Long Battery Life – Kindle DX lasts 4 days with wireless on, and 2 weeks with wireless off. Large Storage – The 3.3GB of available storage (out of 4 GB overall) gives you a lot of space (3,500 books). Free Wireless Internet – WhisperNet (in Sprint coverage areas). Free is much better than a $40 a month wireless data plan. Also, browsing the web in landscape mode is great. Kindle Store has 7,000+ free public domain books. More Kindle DX Pros



kindle dx

kindle dx device

In-Built Dictionary and Wikipedia access

. Free Cloud Storage – Any books you buy are stored in the Amazon cloud and you can download them anytime

. Good Screen Resolution – 1200 by 824 with 16 shades of grey

. Normal books are much cheaper in their Kindle Edition. Books usually retail for $9.99

. More than 300,000 books

. Good coverage of textbooks as 3 of the big textbook publishers are on-board. Addison Wiley, Pearson, Prentice Hall, Longman and many more

. Light and Thin – The Kindle DX is just 0.38″ thick. Its also light at 18.9 ounces


Kindle DX Review – Recommendationget a Kindle DX if you can live with the higher price. Its also an excellent choice if you have low vision.the Kindle 2 is the better choice.


The Kindle DX is a very good choice if you are looking for a textbook reader or a reader for business documents –

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